Wednesday, September 13, 2006

grace in the mundane

On a wall just down the street from our house there's a new form of street art appearing amongst the spraypainting and stencil art. People simply glue pieces of paper, printed with a picture or message, to the wall. It's less permanent of course, but I guess it's quicker to apply. I've noticed the subject matter also tends to be more positive than most of the graffiti in these parts. Here's one I just noticed on the way to the park with Chelsea the other day. I'm so thankful to whoever it is that put this there - it's a beautiful, simple piece of art to share with the world (why restrict it to the rarefied atmosphere of a gallery when it can beautify a streetscape, giving us a glimpse of love, beauty and grace in the midst of the mundane and the ugly?). And that is just what it did for me. It consists of three panels, as you can see below, no more than two inches high (hence the bad resolution on my cameraphone).

"When I was a little girl"

"I thought God made the sky blue"

"because it was my favourite colour"

Thankyou, kind stranger.

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