Monday, May 15, 2006

a thousand envelopes for a thousand dollars

I was looking up business registration stuff on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website and was temporarily distracted by their list of scams. One such scam is called the Envelope Stuffing Scam.

It is usually one of those advertisements you see on lightpoles or receive in the mail, offering the chance to work from home and "stuff 1000 envelopes for $1000 dollars". All you need to do is send your registration fee of $35-45 (plus postage and handling) and they will send you the information.

What you get is a letter with the necessary photocopies for you to repeat the scam on a bunch of other unsuspecting dupes. So while they deliver on what they promise, you find yourself stuffing a thousand envelopes for a thousand dollars...

Now that's what I call chain mail.

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