Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fresh produce

I've become quite the keen gardener. It's all Wendell's fault. Not really interested in flowers and such, I'd much prefer to grow something useful like fruit and vegetables, and so growing fruit and vegetables is exactly what I've been doing. So imagine my delight when my zucchini plant finally yielded results a couple of weeks back. Check this fine specimen out:

Impressive, no? What a marvellous piece of produce. All by the sweat of my brow. What a fine meal that zucchini will make.

But perhaps appearances can be deceiving. Scroll down for a more accurate picture.

Yep, it's miniature. Only about 4cm long, and not getting any longer. Needless to say not too many meals will be gleaned from it. Looks like it's going into the box marked "Simon's failed fruit and vegetable projects". Along with these carrots from a few years ago:

(Actually we're doing quite nicely out of my vegetable patch now, but the tiny zucchini did amuse me)


Harry Wykman said...

Hi Simon,

I am very pleased to hear that your veggie garden is producing well. I'm also pleased that you are proud of your miniature harvests. I have been messing around with growing for some time now and have only had a few harvests that I was really pleased with. I takes some time and learning for us urbanites.

Peace to you and happy growing,


Simon said...

indeed! unfortunately I'm restricted by space here - so am having to be content with smaller yields (part of the problem of renting - I have to use pots!). but I hope to start changing the gardens appropriately soon for more space.